Reminder: Prescription contacts are not in stock and will have to be preordered.

Venus is a bold creamy, beige-gray lens. 


💎 Photos are taken with natural window lighting.

💎 Refunds do not apply if contact lenses were not up to your expectations.

💎 Cosmetic purposes only, this does not help improve your vision.

💎 Yearly life duration, 6 months of usage is recommended.

💎 Diameter: 14.5mm, water content: 38-42%,

💎 Base curve: 8.6, packaged in sterile buffered saline.

💎 All of our contact lenses are certified by KGMP, KFDA, ISO 13485 and CE certifications. 

💎 All of the lenses are manufactured by reputable contact lens manufacturers. 

💎 Authentic Korean G&G Brand. 

💎 FDA & KFDA approved materials: Polymacon soft contact lens,