Reminder: Prescription contacts are not in stock and will have to be preordered.


  • Chrissy is a bright gray lens that appears natural.


    💎 Refunds do not apply if contact lenses were not up to your expectations. Please be aware that the photos have flash or ring lights on and may look slightly darker in NATURAL LIGHTING. Different eye shades may also result in darker appearence than photo. It is not meant to look exactly like our photos due to the model's eye shades and size but certainly you will receive the same design.

    💎 Cosmetic purposes only, this does not help improve your vision.

    💎 Yearly life duration, 6 months of usage is recommended.

    💎 Diameter: 14.5mm, water content: 38-42%,

    💎 Base curve: 8.6, packaged in sterile buffered saline.

    💎 All of our contact lenses are certified by KGMP, KFDA, ISO 13485 and CE certifications. 

    💎 All of the lenses are manufactured by reputable contact lens manufacturers. 

    💎 Authentic Korean G&G Brand. 

    💎 FDA & KFDA approved materials: Polymacon soft contact lens,