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Get Paid For Your Selfies!

Join our Program today!


Thank you for your interest in working with BeautyLens! This opportunity is to both benefit the customer and BeautyLens. Let us give back to you for the selfies you take with our contact lenses!


With just two ($5 lowest priced) purchased selfies from us, you would've already recouped half of your order from us. Isn't that awesome?! Listed below are the guidelines and recommendations for the current program:

(Current price ranges: $5-10 per selfie)
You can submit as many selfies as you like.  

Regular selfies will be $5. Focused content selfies

will be purchased for $10. 


$5 Regular Selfies: Photos that consist of random backgrounds and contain others in the background or are normal selfies are considered $5 regular selfies. (click here to see example photos)

$10 Focused Selfies: Photos that are focused on the contacts and have clean and clear backgrounds and has shots of the 1 individual will be $10 per selfie. (click here to see example photos)


What we are looking for in a perfect selfie:

  • Good lighting

  • Clear photo

  • Close enough to see how the contacts look like

  • New contact series only.
    (No older series such as Frost, Koko, Smoke, Etc)

If your selfie is selected, you will receive a payment 

through PayPal from BeautyLens. (PayPal Payments Only)

Please understand that not every selfie will be purchased. We will select the selfies that fits best for our next campaigns. Thank you for supporting a small shop all these years! 

Let's Get Started

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