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Looking to build a relationship with BeautyLens?

This is perfect for fans who adore our brand!

This program does not pay out but you have the chance to continue to receive FREE color contacts if you show off your BeautyLens color contacts!

Upon receiving a PR package, if you fail to post your products and tag us on social media within 2 weeks of receiving the products, you will be removed from our PR list and a new member will be selected. Due to limited supplies, we want to focus on individuals who are able to be active with posting about the products.

Whether it's through posting, commenting, or selfies. As the waitlist is huge, if you miss your part of the program, we'll move on to the next person. :) 

There will be a recurring cycle of new selection and removal of members every month so if you do great, we'll send out a second PR package!


When your PR membership has expired, we will send out an email so we can cycle in new awaiting members.

Which best describes you?
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